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You go up a few flights of stairs and ever get tired? How many hours a day in front of a computer screen? When was your last walk in the Park? Your meal is 10 minutes counted on the clock? Go to the bakery just drive? Careful, you may have a bad case of the century ", the sedentary lifestyle.

You start thinking about the well-being of your body? How will you be in 10 years? Want to have more available? Joy and well being? Sedentariness is fought with small changes in your everyday life:

Try switching the output to stop, by walk.

  • Instead of using the escalator or elevator, the stairs.
  • Walk: If you don't have custom, start slowly, put a comfortable clothing, and walk in the morning for 30 minutes, increasing as you get used to it. If you call a group of friends is more fun, and of course encouraging.
  • Walk in the Park: put on some music, and walk a different air breathing in the city. Take a moment to think about your projects, in his life, reflect, and take a rest visual looking landscapes.
  • Bike: there are a number of bicycle racks around the city. If you do not have a bicycle, you can rent, in addition to being fun, combat stress and lose weight. -Practice a sport;
  • Stretch! Combat stress, elongation facilitates day-to-day movements, back provision, improves posture, prevent backache, activates blood circulation, among other benefits.

Another great tip, before starting a marathon in your work, you can also stretch even though in another environment

Change your routine. Move around!


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